Michael Ackland Comms Day mtime20201027111411Michael Ackland Comms Day mtime20201027111411

Michael Ackland, General Manager Government and Strategic Projects, addresses CommsDay Summit 2020

Vocus is proud to again be major sponsor of CommsDay Summit 2020, an important event for the Australian telecommunications industry, and to have some of our leaders present as part of the event program.

On day two of the event, Vocus General Manager, Government & Strategic Projects, Michael Ackland, discussed the state of play with regional connectivity in Australia, and how new technologies are set to re-shape how we address the deepening digital divide between metro and regional Australia.

He said despite regional Australia becoming more connected than ever over the last decade, the tangle of telecommunications policies over the period was losing the battle against the digital divide between metro and regional Australia.

Now with the emergence of new technologies such as LEO satellites, he said, there was an opportunity to untie this telecoms tangle, with fibre connectivity playing a fundamental role.

Read the full speech here: PDF download.