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Posted on May 17, 2019

Vocus Asc V2

We couldn’t let today go by without wishing you (and all your tech) – a very happy World Telecommunications Day!

Today we salute everyone and everything that has and continues to play a part in the telco industry. There are not many industries that have had the impact on business, governments, communities, economies and nations that telecommunications has, and continues to have.

At Vocus, we are proud of the role we play in helping connect customers to the world. Our core business is fibre networks and services – internationally through our submarine cable network and nationally in Australia and New Zealand, including metro cities and regional areas, through our terrestrial fibre network.

One of the most critical pieces in our portfolio is our Australia Singapore Cable. Launched on 14 September 2018, it is Australia’s most advanced, high capacity, low latency, secure and reliable submarine fibre optic cable system.

It stretches 4,600 kilometres between Perth and Singapore, via Christmas Island and Jakarta in Indonesia, providing an alternate and direct high capacity route to Asia Pacific, as well as alternate connections to Europe and the USA.

A USD$170m investment, the Australia Singapore Cable involved more than 60 team members, almost five years of planning, two years of construction and was launched on time and on budget.

It’s design and construction has set the benchmark for high-end submarine cable standards in Australia. For example, it has a total system capacity at Singapore of up to 64 terabits per second (Tbps) – more than 100 times the capacity of the existing South East Asia- Middle East-Western Europe submarine cable system (SMW3).

Since the inception of the internet 30 years ago, our region continues to witness dramatic growth in connectivity and the consumption of data.

The emergence of cloud and data centres accounts for much of the surging growth in our region, as global content, cloud and technology companies operate major regional data centres from Asia, closer to where customers consume their services. 

As the newest and most advanced cable in the region, the Australia Singapore Cable is helping to meet this incredible demand for data, network capacity, speed and diversity.

It is also helping to rebalance the architecture of Australia’s national fibre infrastructure, significantly reducing the reliance on Sydney as the default exit point for our international traffic, as well as providing capacity, speed and reducing latency. 

In doing so, it has established a new global route from South East Asia, avoiding geographic instability around Japan and geopolitical challenges in Guam and the South China Sea, to provide a safer route to the US and Europe.

It is these clear benefits that have resulted in strong demand for services on the Australia Singapore Cable.  

In the lead up to the cable being ready for service, we reported in August 2018 strong sales of 3.2 Tbps of capacity, including a sale to a major global over-the-top company.

In the 10 months since the cable was put into service, demand has remained incredibly strong, particularly amongst international carriers, technology and software companies, and content and cloud providers. It’s a further sign of how our Asia Pacific region is becoming the focal point of global internet activity.

For Vocus and the Australian Singapore Cable, this continues to open opportunities to provide services and build relationships with the world’s leading technology, content, cloud and over-the-top players, as they look to support their growing presence in Asia and Australia, with more data capacity, speed and network reliability.

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