Australia Singapore Cable operating at 50% more capacity

Posted on July 12, 2019

Vocus Asc Artilce Image V2

Vocus’ Australian Singapore Cable (ASC) system is operating with an end-to-end total capacity of 60 terabits per second (Tbps) – 50% more capacity than it launched with less than 10 months ago.

That gives us and our customers a unique level of flexibility, as well as strategic options for future expansion.       

The system comprises 4 fibre pairs, that provide different connection points between Perth and Singapore, as well as into Christmas Island and Indonesia.

The design, the optical technology chosen, the ultra-specific engineering and the high standard of manufacture, assembly and construction are what have given us the flexibility to significantly increase the capacity of each leg of the ASC. 

In addition to the increased end-to-end capacity, the ASC’s Singapore to Indonesia connection now has a capacity of up to 44Tbps and its Perth to Indonesia connection now has a capacity of up to 33Tbps.

With Asia Pacific continuing to be the epicentre of global growth, that means the ASC will provide valuable opportunities for governments, businesses and consumers for years to come.

It’s the perfect example of how secure, reliable, high speed, high performance networks are amongst the most critical pieces of infrastructure in our world today. 

That’s something businesses around the world and particularly in Asia Pacific, are well attuned to, which has resulted in strong demand on ASC. 

Since launch, we have nearly sold 10-times the entire capacity of the Sea-Me-We3 cable system on ASC.  Based on the current demand, we expect to see capacity on ASC exceed 4Tbps within the first 12 months of launch, and there is increasing demand across all paths to the west. 

The planning and design that we put into ASC also gives us options for further strategic investments in our fibre network, such as a connection to our existing North West Cable system that extends from Port Hedland to Darwin, servicing Australia’s oil and gas and mining sectors.

It also gives us more options into Indonesia, the fourth most populated nation in the world, and with the seventh largest economy that is growing at around 5%. 

The ASC system is an advanced, high capacity, low latency, secure and reliable submarine fibre optic cable system. It is also the first that is 100% owned by a telco carrier. 

Stretching 4,600km between Perth and Singapore, with connections to Christmas Island and Indonesia, ASC provides an alternate and direct high capacity route to Asia Pacific, as well as alternate connections to Europe and the USA.