Ensuring worker safety and operational uptime

Vocus Security Services

Providing worker safety and wellbeing, operational uptime and risk management in mining, utilities and resources.

Providing a safe and connected work environment maximises talent retention, while enhanced visibility and security of the network minimises the impact of accidents and disruptions. This maintains service continuity, which protects the public interest in critical infrastructure.

Forward thinking utilities, mining, oil and gas exploration ventures have adopted Vocus security services as a way of improving organisational resilience.

Worker safety, operational uptime and risk management are critical in the utilities and resources sector.

Enhancing security posture can improve visibility of key assets, helping companies better understand what is going on across their networks, so they can meet regulatory requirements around safety, security and adhering to ESG standards.

The Vocus difference

Worker safety

Improved integrity and reliability of critical infrastructure and comms leads to increased worker safety

Risk minimisation

Protecting the network and devices from tampering and breaches preserves infrastructure integrity

Retain and attract staff

Easier, faster access to the right tools and data results in less frustration, less admin and higher retention

Operational uptime

Enhanced visibility and security leads to lower risk, minimised disruptions and service continuity

Cyber Security assessment for Australian businesses

Threat of cyber-attack has been identified as the number one global business risk, with around 50% of Australian businesses being impacted by a cyber breach since 2021. Vocus has developed a proven assessment process to help boost resilience against cybersecurity threats and address compliance requirements.

To get you started we offer a brief discovery session that will provide you with a report identifying security gaps and prioritised recommendations that you can implement.

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