Protecting customer data and ensuring regulatory compliance

Vocus Security Services

Adherence to regulatory compliances, protecting customer data, while streamlining the digital experience are now critical.

Financial institutions are under pressure to balance robust cybersecurity and compliance, while simultaneously seeking to deliver a streamlined digital experience for both customers and employees. Given the rise of hybrid work models, with mobile bankers and mortgage professionals accessing client data remotely, the quest for fast, secure access to information has never been more important.

By adopting Vocus security services, these enterprises are experiencing substantial benefits. Not only are employees able to retrieve data securely and efficiently, irrespective of their location, but the institutions also gain enhanced control over data and application access. This fortifies their commitment to regulatory standards like APRA CPS234.

The Vocus difference

Reputation and trust
Maintaining brand credibility through safeguarding customer data and ensuring asset security.
Secured customer data
Protecting the customer’s personal information while providing staff with pervasive, reliable data access.
Regulatory compliance
Implementing robust reporting and auditing to demonstrate compliance to regulatory bodies.
Enhanced digital experience
Embracing advancements to address the customer’s broader needs, enhance the user experience, and streamline operations.

Secure and enhanced digital experience

Cyber Security assessment for Australian businesses

Threat of cyber-attack has been identified as the number one global business risk, with around 50% of Australian businesses being impacted by a cyber breach since 2021. Vocus has developed a proven assessment process to help boost resilience against cybersecurity threats and address compliance requirements.

To get you started we offer a brief discovery session that will provide you with a report identifying security gaps and prioritised recommendations that you can implement.

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