Security and protection

Tailored security solutions to keep cyber threats at bay

Security and data protection

New cyberthreats are constantly emerging that threaten Australian businesses. Now is the time to understand your security risks, and partner with Vocus to help protect your data, customers and reputation. Whether you’re a large enterprise or small business with only a few employees, we offer tailored Cyber Security solutions to help protect you from the edge to the cloud.

Cyber Security assessment for Australian businesses

Threat of cyber-attack has been identified as the number one global business risk, with around 50% of Australian businesses being impacted by a cyber breach since 2021. Vocus has developed a proven assessment process to help boost resilience against cybersecurity threats and address compliance requirements.

To get you started we offer a brief discovery session that will provide you with a report identifying security gaps and prioritised recommendations that you can implement.

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Cyber Security guide 2023

Despite enormous focus and investment in cyber security, dealing with cyber-attacks is still a major challenge for small to medium businesses. Self-reported losses from cybercrime in Australia totalled over $33 billion by 2021, and more than 50% of Australian businesses have been impacted by a cyber breach.

Vocus has published a cyber security guide to help businesses prepare against cyber-attacks and learn essential steps they can take right now to bolster security and reduce the impact of a cyber incident.

Download and read this practical guide to learn how to reduce targeted cyber threats and help protect your business.