Yielding new growth through smart farming

Vocus advanced agricultural solutions

Yielding new growth through smart farming

Farmers want solutions that automate farmwork and provide predictive, actionable insights that increase yields and decrease costs. Without this, it impacts productivity, quality, sustainability and competitiveness.

Vocus and its innovation ecosystem of industry leaders builds advanced agricultural solutions that are literally transforming the way crops are grown and harvested. Working directly with agribusinesses we provide smart farming, from ideation to installation and include tailored maintenance and support services as required.

By partnering with Vocus, an agribusiness can experience real-time crop monitoring, automated smart irrigation, weed control, robotic planting and harvesting, and marketing opportunities through live streaming.

The Vocus difference

Reduced processing costs
Automation of labour-intensive processes using drones, sensors and agricultural bots
Higher quality yields
Stringent quality control through remote monitoring of soil, climate and detection of disease, pests
Sustainable agriculture
Precision application of fertilisers and pesticides mitigates leaching and emissions
Predictive maintenance
Real time monitoring of farming equipment, environment and health of the entire property

Smart farming solutions

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