Enhanced safety and wellbeing for remote workers

Vocus remote solutions

Keeping remote workers connected while enhancing safety and compliance.

When remote workers start to feel isolated, they can experience a decline in both their mental health and productivity.

Access to quality amenities while on-site, including reliable internet and WiFi connectivity, has been proven to deliver enhanced mental health and wellbeing outcomes for remote workers.

Organisations with remote sites in mining, utilities and agricultural sectors are experiencing major benefits through deploying Vocus Satellite – Services. Workers in rural areas can now enjoy 24/7 wireless Internet, with access to online health resources, family communication, news and entertainment. This also plays a key role in enabling organisations to attract and retain staff—a common challenge for remote-based organisations.

The Vocus difference

Health and wellbeing

Promoting health and wellbeing - keeping employees feeling connected, 24/7.

Improved safety

Enabling preventative data-led maintenance, and instant alerts of potential hazards.

Regulatory compliance

Implementing robust reporting and auditing to demonstrate compliance such as ESG to regulatory bodies.

Predictive maintenance

Real time monitoring of equipment, environment and health of the entire worksite.

Providing quality services helps to attract and retain talent

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