Building safer, more connected communities

Vocus Community Services

Building safer, more connected communities

The availability of digital tools and more automated services is critical in helping community organisations deliver faster, better service to those in need. This relies on having reliable internet connectivity, Australia-wide.

Vocus builds and connects entire ecosystems with Vocus Satellite – Starlink, helping community services organisations to:

  • Use real-time data to monitor resource consumption, to ensure more sustainable use.
  • Monitor road safety and parking, limiting injuries and providing more usable public spaces.
  • Create self-service tools for members of the public, reducing demand on community workers.
  • Ensure reliable internet connectivity for organisationssuch as aged care, childcare and surf life-saving.

The Vocus difference

Improve public safety

Connect cameras, lighting and safety sensors to monitor faults, hazards and crime to build safer communities.

Resource management

Intelligent sensors to reduce noise and wastage, track contractors, and monitor public assets.

Enhanced community care

Monitoring health parameters of the elderly and those with health conditions via smart wearables.

Higher quality services

Enable real time analysis of trends, traffic, parking, site equipment and more to improve quality of service.

Transforming communities

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