Providing highly reliable, point-to-point fibre transmission with low-latency.

Vocus Wavelength solutions provide secure, private, and dedicated connectivity between your locations.

They're delivered over our national optical-fibre Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) network, which connects all mainland capitals and has extensive reach into regional and remote Australia.

If your organisation operates internationally, we also offer Wavelength services between nominated locations. Combined with our network coverage of all major data centres, more than 5,000 on-net buildings, and with close proximity to 20,000 more, we have the network to deliver premium transmission solutions.

The dedicated bandwidth of Vocus Wavelength provides low-latency, point-to-point connectivity for mission-critical and sensitive applications. As experts in fibre and network solutions, we can design a solution to match your requirements for network redundancy and diversity.

Key features

Always-on monitoring

  • We provide service assurance, with DWDM and in-line fibre monitoring, allowing us to pinpoint any fibre faults to within several metres
  • 24x7 Australia-based support

Superior grade of service

  • Extensive national coverage over our DWDM infrastructure, providing a secure network for your business operations
  • Dedicated bandwidth for uncompromised quality and speeds up to 100Gbps
  • Vocus Wavelength supports standard protocols, including ethernet, synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH), and fibre channel, giving you the freedom to choose your preferred applications

Building for the future

  • Our core network has a fully redundant architecture, designed and built for continuous operation
  • Customised protection and diversity options are available to support your risk management requirements
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Unprotected Vocus Wavelength solution

Protected Vocus Wavelength solution: inter-capital core protection

Why choose Vocus Wavelength

Choice of interfaces

We offer ethernet, SDH, fibre, and channel interfaces to satisfy a wide rage of applications, including core network backhaul, data replication, or interconnecting storage arrays.

24x7 support

We provide 24x7 Australia-based technical support, with end-to-end monitoring of our national network, ensuring optimal service availability.

Service level agreements (SLAs)

Vocus SLAs formalise our commitment to deliver service excellence.

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