Providing you with the performance, scalability, and security you need.

High-performance, end-to-end connectivity for your national or international voice and data traffic.

Vocus Ethernet provides your business with private and secure high-speed, low-latency connectivity for connecting multiple offices or data centres, with the ability to support mission-critical applications.

Our expert team can provide you a dedicated link between your sites or a multi-site ethernet network with committed bandwidth to meet your voice, data, cloud, and data centre requirements.

We can help you keep control of your internal network with data protected between sites. With layer 2 ethernet connectivity, you have the freedom and flexibility to design and scale your network to meet the changing needs of your applications and business.

We have an extensive network across the country, plus domestic and international partners, to give you the connectivity you need—all from one network solutions provider. Our coverage throughout Australia includes business nbn Enterprise Ethernet services, allowing even remote locations to be integrated. This enables you to operate your business with one network.

Key features

Committed high-speed bandwidth

  • Uncontended bandwidth for point-to-point connections, with scalability up to 10Gbps in pre-defined increments


  • We’ve invested in extra protection so that if a core outage occurs, we can re-route your data traffic and keep your applications working

Flexible options

  • Point-to-point or point-to-multipoint options, allows you to aggregate your services to a single monitored port
  • Multipoint for multi-site layer 2 ethernet connectivity, enabling a scalable, flexible WAN while retaining control of your IP network and services
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Ethernet point-to-point

Ethernet multipoint

Extensive network coverage

Australia and beyond

Our national fibre network provides end-to-end connectivity across Australia, as well as via our international points of presence.


Our optimised network design uses low-latency strategic routes for high performance, ensuring no unnecessary disruptions or downtime for your business.

Project management

We provide full project management from order to delivery, including network design, facilities access, contractor management, civil works, and testing.

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