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For a more connected world

Driving growth for non-premise locations

Smart connectivity options are available to businesses and communities to realise the potential of data collection from distributed devices to provide better information and services to communities. With nbn Smart Places, Vocus will bring the power of the Vocus and nbn networks to spaces beyond the four walls of our offices. How? It’s simple. nbn Smart Places enables the extension of the nbn Fibre network to a range of eligible non-premises locations such as traffic lights, CCTV, smart poles, digital billboards and public Wi-Fi.”

With business nbn Smart Places, communities and organisations can now fast track their digital transformation with replacement of legacy equipment with a reverse powered, network termination device. The success of these smart devices is dependent on internet connectivity. Vocus can supply a range of options including business nbn internet for reliability and consistent communication or IPWAN for private network secure communications.

Performance matters

Fibre internet connectivity provides the low latency, high data rates needed for the data generated by these smart devices for processing and action. We understand that data collected is important and therefore needs to be transmitted quickly, securely and reliably from embedded sensors and monitors to the organisation.

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Innovation and sustainability

Digital connectivity will open up communities looking to address environmental impacts with monitors for land management and optimisation of people flow, and road safety. Connecting these devices within a community may enable opportunities for safer and more efficient ways of operating.

A number of organisations such as power and utilities have digitised their operations and deployed smart technology to their devices for better efficiencies and safer working practices.

News update:

Transport for NSW and Vocus are partnering to upgrade 1,000 traffic lights across the state to use superfast fibre option connections that will pay the way for a more intelligent and adaptable road network.

Learn more about the use of the Vocus IPWAN service over Smart Places Fibre access to get to non-premises locations.

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Why choose Vocus to integrate your smart network

Integrated solutions with business nbn

Vocus have an extremely strong relationship with the business nbn teams and have worked collaboratively and successfully on many projects across Australia with our government customers.

Delivery Capability

Vocus brings specialised expertise in implementing intricate Smart Places solutions for State Government customers. These solutions are reinforced by our Customer Experience team, ensuring smooth delivery and project management.

Operational Capability

Vocus possesses the operational capability, experience, and resources required to successfully execute projects within your designated timeline and budget. Our commitment includes comprehensive support through our Project Delivery and Customer Engagement model, featuring dedicated Account Management, Customer Service, and Operational Governance reporting teams.

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