Secure Internet Gateway

A flexible and scalable solution, hosted in the public cloud, and certified for protected-level data.

Providing internet security in the cloud.

Our Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) is designed to meet Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) Information Security Manual requirements to protect applications, sensitive data, users, and devices, up to and including protected-level data in a solution that consolidates networking and security.

It has been developed in collaboration with AWS to provide an Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP)-assessed, public cloud-hosted gateway. It delivers high-speed, secure internet connectivity to locations Australia-wide.

Designed to independently scale for throughput and analytics log retention, SIG enables you to evolve from traditional fixed format infrastructure-based security to a flexible solution. It leverages the dynamic nature of the public cloud to scale as you need, allowing you to focus on your cyber security rather than infrastructure.

SIG enables you to set the rules or policies to ensure your employees operate within defined boundaries. Visibility of your traffic’s current status or past activity are key elements of identifying and investigating threats to organisations. Customers will be provided with secure access through our Vocus Fusion Portal to a dedicated security analytics application. This allows you to gain insights into traffic flows, threat feeds, and security intelligence with user-friendly dashboards.

Key features

Hosted in the cloud

  • Hosted in an AWS cloud environment
  • Rapid deployment without significant capital investment
  • Reduce latency and backhaul costs by allowing remote users to perform workloads in the cloud with direct access from the gateway

Threat intelligence

  • Identify threats as they happen with alerts from our Vocus Fusion Portal
  • Review and monitor security rules to help protect employees against inappropriate and malicious internet threats


  • Peace of mind with ASD security requirements for handling official-level and protected-level data
  • Optional integration with existing security information and event management (SIEM) platforms
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Why choose Secure Internet Gateway

All-in-one solution

We provide an IRAP-assessed, cloud-based internet gateway solution, including backhaul connectivity, allowing rapid deployment and scalability for growth.

Secure and compliant

It's compliant with IT security governance and legislative requirements, including the Australian Government Information Security Manual, Protective Security Policy Framework, and Privacy Act.

Visibility of your traffic

We offer insights into your internet traffic, including threat intelligence, malware analysis, prioritised analysis, and remediation threats within the cloud.

Business continuity

Our Secure Internet Gateway service can be delivered via a dedicated single primary access service or dual primary/redundant access service.

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