Protect your IT network by stopping threats before they become problems.

Defend your network from attacks as early as you can.

As the threat of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks increase, our DDoS solutions are your best defence against malicious cyber attacks. Our ongoing investments in detection and protection ensure your network is always up and running.Once an attack is identified, our network experts are available and ready to help. You can request immediate mitigation or set up automated traffic scrubbing at the source.*

Why choose Vocus DDoS for your network

Early detection

Our IP Transit solutions come standard with RTBH filtering, which allows us to drop incoming traffic before it reaches our network.

Choose your protection

Our DDoS solutions give you greater visibility, more automated protection, and the ability to filter out unwanted traffic.

Our OCC is your OCC

Our system automatically notifies our customers** and our Operations Command Centre of any potential attacks. Our experts are available 24x7 to support you.

Know when you're under attack

With our DDoS solution, real-time email notifications let you know when there’s a threat. You’ll also get anytime access to our DDoS Portal to view traffic reports and event history.

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Vocus DDoS Solutions

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Vocus DDoS Solutions service is subject to Vocus terms and conditions.

* Automated scrubbing is available only with DDoS Protect. Per-incident scrubbing is available with DDoS Detect and additional fees apply.

** Real-time notifications are available only with DDoS Detect.