Secure SD-WAN is an integrated security, network routing and WAN optimisation solution.

An increasingly mobile workforce, transition to cloud services and cloud based applications are all driving an urgent need for more secure and optimised WAN technologies. 

Secure SD-WAN reduces the complexity of dealing with multiple vendors, whilst delivering next generation security and networking capabilities that maximise WAN efficiency without compromising on security. It allows you to:

  • Link network and security paths across the world through internet, mobile or private WAN links.
  • Manage network and security policies across multiple sites.
  • Easily access network and application performance reporting.
  • Manage application data over the WAN enabling prioritisation of critical applications and traffic.

Vocus Secure SD-WAN includes Firewall, Routing and SD-WAN capability as standard.

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Key features

  • Secure access to web, email and applications via an on-premise firewall
  • Route business critical applications based on application priority and network metrics
  • View real time statistics on network performance, application performance and network status
  • Centrally configure and enforce policy via a centralised cloud-based interface
  • Easily provision the applicable configurations and policies for new sites

Product brochure

Secure SD-WAN Brochure

Who is it for?

Vocus Secure SD-WAN is for any sized business wanting scalable management of network and security policies across multiple sites.

Secure SD-WAN Overview

Network Diagram

SD-WAN Network


Why Choose Vocus Secure SD-WAN?

Security is the Vocus Focus.
Security is the Vocus Focus.

Enhanced security with robust protection from breaches and malicious activity with next generation firewall.

Simplified Management.
Simplified Management.

Simplified management of application data over the WAN, enabling prioritisation of critical applications and traffic.

Better Network Utilisation.
Better Network Utilisation.

Improved performance through leveraging the existing network and better utilisation of available network connections.

One Clear View.
One Clear View.

Improved visibility with easy access to network and application performance reporting via a dedicated management portal.

Faster Connections.
Faster Connections.

Increased efficiency with faster connections for users via multiple links plus the ability to add new access types.

Policy control.
Policy control.

More control of the management of network and security policies across multiple sites via a cloud based interface.

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