Roghin Sarav

Operations Command Centre Engineer

Fresh from completing his Network Engineering degree at RMIT, Roghin was eager to gain real world exposure – and that he certainly did, working hands on across Vocus’ entire network and network facilities.

From classroom to command centre

Roghin was a passionate student while studying at RMIT University and had his sights firmly set on a career that was far from the average. After completing his degree, Roghin kick-started his career with Vocus, diving deep into the role of Operations Command Centre (OCC) Engineer - Graduate.

“I completed my degree in Network Engineering at RMIT University in November 2019 and was offered a role as an OCC Engineer - Graduate with Vocus that December. Since then, I have been able to apply everything I have learnt to real-world scenarios.”

Roghin was driven to find a career path that excited him, brought him unique challenges and enabled him to grow and build connections along the way.

“I have always had a love for submarines. Knowing that I would have the ability to work with one of Australia’s submarine cable networks meant Vocus was a clear winner for me. The wide array of networking aspects involved in the role, paired with Vocus’ reputation for being a leading specialist in fibre and network solutions secured my decision."

“My role is truly diverse and exciting. In the OCC I am accountable for the effective operation and maintenance of Vocus’ networks and network facilities. This involves critical monitoring of key customers as well as our international IP traffic, cloud and fibre optic transmission, and helping maintain our 4,600km submarine cable system which links Australia to Singapore.”

On the rise

During his year in the program, Roghin received multiple Vocus recognition awards and praise from his colleagues. Chantelle Graham, Manager, Operations Command Centre, was incredibly impressed with Roghin’s skill and passion.

“Roghin has been an exceptional graduate in the OCC here at Vocus,” said Chantelle. “He has picked up the role incredibly well and quickly, and has made many new friends along the way. He has demonstrated great company values and isn't afraid to roll up his sleeves and jump in on a problem to resolve it. Roghin started as a graduate and due to his work ethic, has been promoted to a Tier 2 Engineer position. He has been an awesome addition to the team within the OCC and Vocus."

So, what’s Roghin’s advice for other networking graduates?

“Embrace learning with a passion. Networking is a huge field and concept. Learnings are there in abundance and individuals should be open to building diverse skills so they can take on any networking challenge. The exposure gained through this graduate program has enabled me to learn so much and I am keen to continue growing my professional career with Vocus.”

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