Cal Mayhook

Product Manager

How Product Manager Cal Mayhook has grown his career across four different roles at Vocus

After graduating with a double degree in Civil Engineering and Commerce from the University of New South Wales in 2017, Cal Mayhook joined one of the big four consulting firms to work in a strategy and operations role. As time went on, Cal wanted to broaden his skillset in a new industry – technology.

In September 2019, Cal joined Vocus as a Business Analyst. “This was my first role in tech, which was a great foot in the door to the world of ICT. I was the bridge between the tech and business operations teams.”

After one year, Cal was promoted to Senior Business Analyst. Six months after that, he was promoted again to Business Analyst Practice Manager. Cal says “I’ve been well supported with career advancement throughout my time at Vocus.”

When Cal was ready for his next challenge, he sat down with his manager and General Manager to get their thoughts on what he could do next.

“They asked if I had thought about doing product management.” Cal realised this could be an interesting next step in his career as his strengths were in processes and operations, but he was looking to widen his experience in areas such as sales and marketing.

After a brief move away from Vocus, Cal returned to Vocus into a completely different area of the business and began a new chapter as a Product Manager.

Life as a Product Manager

A big part of Cal’s role is to launch, develop and improve the products across the Low Earth Orbit Satellite and Secure Network product portfolios.

“I am accountable for how the products are performing across the entire product lifecycle. It can be a challenging role at times because if there’s a problem, it’s on me. But on the other hand, it’s really rewarding when we see product growth and receive positive feedback directly from our customers.”

Cal says he loves working in the telecommunications industry. “Working in telco is like a deep well of information that you’ll never reach the bottom of. As soon as you’ve understood one layer, there’s another one underneath. I don’t think there’s a day where I haven’t learned something new.”

Vocus as a workplace for early talent

Vocus is launching its first Graduate Program in February 2023. Cal says “We’re a small enough organisation that grads will get to work on a range of hands-on projects. Our company has a lot of great ideas, but we don’t have the same scale of people as our bigger competitors – so every employee is seen as important and useful.”

Besides his own career growth, Cal has personally witnessed career advancement amongst other early talent. “We had two interns in our Business Analyst team. One moved into a specialist CX role, and the other moved on into a Big Tech company. It was really rewarding to see them take the next step in their career. I think Vocus supports young talent really well.”

His advice to graduates? “If you want to make an impact in the ICT industry in a place that supports your career, then come to Vocus.”

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