April Cooper

General Manager of Product and Marketing

Meet Vocus’ General Manager of Product and Marketing, April Cooper

In 2018, Vocus was going through a major transformation when April Cooper joined the leadership team tasked with turning Vocus’ Retail portfolio around. It was evident that April was a capable leader, so her role quickly evolved to become General Manager of Product and Marketing, where she now leads a team of 35+ employees.

“I had worked with Kevin Russell (Vocus’ Group CEO) before, and I believed in his leadership style and vision for the company, so I knew I was making the right choice by joining Vocus” says April.

Life in Product & Marketing

Telecommunications is a highly competitive market and things haven’t always been smooth sailing in the product and marketing division. “When I first joined, we were a declining business and that was incredibly tough.” But when things started to turn around, “it makes the wins feel even better because we know what the other end feels like” explains April.

Through Vocus’ retail brands - Dodo, iPrimus and Commander, April and her team deliver internet, energy and mobile services to Australian consumers and small businesses alike. April is ultimately responsible for driving financial outcomes and growth for the business and in the marketplace.

A career highlight for April has been seeing the growth particularly across the Dodo brand. “We are winning our fair share in the market – and I personally feel tremendous pride. Everyone in the team has had a stake in driving the result and that brings an infectious feeling of collaboration and positivity.”

April says while her role has her fair share of challenges, she loves helping her team to problem solve and enabling them to come to the best solution. “My team are the reason I show up every day. They are incredibly talented, driven and outcomes-focused.”

Different backgrounds, different skillsets

April explains “The diversity of our team leads to many rich conversations. We come from a range of industry backgrounds in addition to telco, such as energy, banking, tech or creative agencies, and have varying skillsets and cultural backgrounds. Nothing in our team is one-dimensional.”

“As a first generation Australian, I’m very proud of my Filipino heritage. There often isn’t enough diversity at the leadership level – but Vocus is actively trying to improve throughout. I feel included, and I never feel like the odd one out.”

Growing the product and marketing teams

When April is hiring, she often looks for motivational fit by trying to uncover whether the candidate really wants to be there. She says “I don’t look for people who are the same as everyone else. I want them to complement the team while bringing in new perspectives and experiences.” She adds, “because we’re a hands-on team, I also look for people who can roll up their sleeves and get the job done.”

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