CEO Kevin Russell outlines ~$1 billion investment program over the next five years

Vocus outlines major investment program - Planning and design underway on new 1,600km East Coast Cable System

At CommsDay Summit in Sydney, CEO Kevin Russell outlined Vocus’ exciting ~$1 billion five-year investment program to meet market opportunities ranging from greater digitisation and cloud adoption, increased demand for bandwidth, heightened security requirements, new technologies such as LEO satellites and the trend towards regionalisation and the ‘edge’. He also announced Vocus had begun the planning and design on a new 1,600km East Coast Cable System.

"In summary, Vocus Network Services is well underway on a 5-year investment program, which will see us extend our geographic reach, upgrade our capacity, enhance our security credentials, capitalise new technologies, and enrich our product suite. Having ground through a tough turnaround, it is an exciting period of change, growth and investment for us." Vocus Group CEO Kevin Russell.