Embarking on AI-driven transformation to enhance customer experience

As part of our ongoing efforts to revolutionise customer service and operational efficiency, we recently announced our plan to significantly increase in-house engineering capabilities to fast-track our AI initiatives.

We are already reaping the benefits of AI at Vocus in various domains such as knowledge management, content development for training, and security operations, and are seeing 30% improvement in call response times, thanks to our AI-assisted contact centre capabilities. This achievement is just the beginning, with AI set to unlock even greater value.

To accelerate this momentum, we are doubling down on our investment in skills and agile development. The plan includes a significant expansion of our engineering workforce and a refinement of our processes, with the goal of doubling our capacity in the upcoming years. The focus will be on bolstering our persistent DevOps teams with expertise in software, cloud, and AI engineering, along with modernising our development tools.

However, the initiative isn't solely about the engineers. We are also enhancing our investment in customer experience (CX), user experience (UX), visual design (UI), and change management skills. This holistic approach aims to foster closer collaboration between technology and business teams, ensuring a seamless end-to-end development process.

At Vocus, we pride ourselves on living up to our values daily, with a particular emphasis on being "crazy about customers" and fostering "disruptive thinking every day." These investments are a testament to our commitment to these values, promising to drive innovation and customer-centricity even further.

The recruitment drive has already begun, and we are seeking a diverse range of experiences and backgrounds to fuel the innovation that diversity brings. Check out our Careers Page if you’re interested in applying to one of our newly created roles.

Rob Ison
Rob Ison, Chief Information Officer

Rob is an authentic and future-focused leader with over 17 years of experience in digital transformation and product development in the Australian communications and information technology Industry. He has a proven ability to develop strategies and execute large scale programs of work to deliver customer and business value, predominantly in the Business, Enterprise and Government segments.

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