We build environments where all our people thrive.

Our people are the difference and we know it. That’s why we foster, support and celebrate a truly diverse team.

We recognise the value of our team members and the positive impact of an engaged, motivated team. We also understand that being our best means fostering, supporting and celebrating a truly diverse team and community in which we operate. Our focus is on inspiring and elevating cultural diversity and women so we can create the most dynamic social and work environments.

We champion our Vocus Values, which reinforce our commitment to our team. This includes Our People are the Difference, centred around one of our key points of differentiation—our commitment to building environments where our people thrive.

Our working arrangements are designed to support our diverse team, including flexible options like part-time, job sharing, and working from home, and family leave options like parental, secondary carer and adoption leave, and domestic and family violence leave. We also offer a range of benefits supporting work-life balance and financial, physical, and mental wellness.

Our team also has regular opportunities to provide feedback to management on their work, workplace, benefits, mental and physical health, and levels of engagement, both directly and anonymously.

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Diversity and equal opportunity

We recognise the benefits of having a diverse range of individuals contributing to our team, including bringing a range of perspectives, knowledge, skills, and approaches.

We're committed to providing an environment in which everyone is treated fairly and with respect, with equal access to available opportunities no matter their background, culture, or demographics.

We implement targets and support initiatives that help facilitate equal gender participation and opportunity and diversity across our business and Board. We also understand that non-permanent employment can have negative impacts on mental health and work hard to ensure our employment opportunities are over 90% permanent. From a cultural perspective, we also offer flexibility around public holidays, enabling our team to choose to celebrate the days that are important to them.

Our Diversity and Belonging committee

Made up of a cross-section of employee volunteers, the committee was founded in 2020 with the goal of driving education and action around key areas, including cultural diversity, women, and First Nations people. Our committee helps foster opportunities for discussion, drives further understanding of our differences, and helps build an environment where everyone feels confident being their true selves.

Vocus absolutely does not permit discrimination, intimidation, or harassment on the basis of race, colour, gender identity, marital or carer status, age, sexual orientation, intersex status, physical or mental disability, political opinion, cultural or national origin, or religious beliefs.

Continuous learning and development

The development and growth of our team has always been a priority at Vocus. We advocate the 3 Es of learning, Experience, Exposure and Education, and facilitate this through project and secondment opportunities, coaching, mentoring, networking, workshops, webinars and so much more.

Some of our key initiatives include our Mentor Program, Linkedin Learning opportunities and our Courageous Conversations for Growth Workshops for leaders. These workshops are designed to inspire and facilitate powerful and personal conversations about real experiences, not only developing skills in coaching and respectfully challenging, but also in achieving business goals.