We asked Kevin to share his thoughts on his time so far and plans for the future.

"Since joining Vocus, it’s been a busy time working through some important improvements to our business. We’re focussed on making things simpler and easier for you, to give you a great customer experience and ensure we deliver value where it counts. We’re building a strong new leadership team and we’re excited about the opportunities ahead. 

We’ve made several changes already to put customers at the heart of what we do, and you can expect to see positive changes to the business over the months ahead.

There’s no better proof of this with the early switching on of the $230M Vocus Australian Singapore Cable system following a complete outage on the Sea Me We-3 (SMW3) submarine cable.

Our team were incredible in their dedication and passion to switch over all Vocus services affected by the outage onto Vocus ASC services, within 24 hours, even though we were still in final configuration and test mode.

Our team were working round the clock with one aim – get our customers back online!

And with RFS completed, the full benefits of Vocus ASC are being experienced by all users as the full capability of the system and our recently upgraded national intercapital network are now live.

A Transformation at the Core

Our CTO, Simon Smith and his team have made great inroads to deliver a major upgrade to deliver us a single, highly advanced core network. Even as they make steady progress on this multi-year journey, his team are still working hard to stabilise our current network and reduce the outages that have plagued us.

There’s so much more going on, but even though we are a technology business, I am focused on building the right team around me, and, through each level of the business to deliver what you expect of us.

I’ve elevated Matt Walsh to my Executive Leadership Team, so they have a full and direct view of the full-service experience for our customers.  He knows what it takes to deliver service excellence and has already put in place some excellent initiatives.

In early 2019, I will be welcoming Andrew Wildblood to Vocus.  He is a strong addition who adds to the already great talent that already exists within Vocus Communications.   

Whilst we await Andrew’s commencement, our New Zealand CEO, Mark Callander is leading the Vocus Communications team and has already injected great energy and built solid momentum to improve customer experiences and focus our teams on our longer-term goals. 

I look forward to sharing more about our advances in the coming months."