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International Women’s Day 2022.Adventures of a lifetime.

Vocus Inspire: International Women's Day: Adventures of a lifetime.

During this exciting session, we spoke to two fearless young adventurers, Lucy Shepherd and Zara Rutherford, both fresh from their ground-breaking adventures.

Lucy Shepherd, British Explorer

Young British explorer, Lucy Shepherd, recently returned from a jungle journey so extraordinary, it is reminiscent of an Indiana Jones’ movie. Lucy led the first recorded trek of Guyana’s Kanuku Mountains, where she trekked over 400 kms through unchartered Amazon jungle, foraged for food and fished with a bow and arrow. During the 50-day odyssey, she encountered deadly snakes, nasty wasps and she was even stalked by jaguars. Lucy is inspired by renowned adventurer, Bear Grylls, and she documents her endeavors on film with the aim of inspiring a new generation of bold adventurers.

Zara Rutherford, Belgian-British aviator

Belgian-Briton teenager, Zara Rutherford, is a modern day Amelia Earhart. In January 2022, she completed a 155-day solo flight circumnavigating the globe. In doing so, she became the youngest woman to fly solo around the world, and the youngest person to do so in a microlight plane. Passionate about encouraging more girls into careers in STEM fields, Zara hopes her record-breaking flight will show young women they can be bold, ambitious and follow their dreams.

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