Data Centre Access

Data Centre access ticketing & request system

Customer access to our data centres is processed through our Ticketing & Request system. Customers can request access by simply sending an email to the respective Data Centre address that they require access to. This process is used for all requests pertaining to:

  • Access requests
  • Remote Hands
  • Induction requests
  • Equipment movement requests
  • Request for information 

Please include as much information as possible in your email in order for us to better assist you. 
If you have any urgent enquiries, you can contact our team direct on 1300 860 840.

New South Wales

Data Centre Contact Email Address
VDC-SYD01 Doody St
VDC-SYD02 Brookhollow ave


Data Centre Contact Email Address
VDC-MEL03 530 Collins
VDC-MEL04 Thornton Crescent
VDC-MEL05 King Street

Western Australia

Data Centre Contact Email Address
VDC-PER01 Perth iX
VDC-PER02 Watts Pl
VDC-PER03 Bennett St
VDC-PER04 McGrath Rd
VDC-PER05 King Edward Rd
VDC-PER06 St Georges Tce
VDC-PER07 Adelaide Tce
VDC-PER08 St Georges Tce
VDC-PER09 Murchison Tce