Quick reference and User Guides

NBN Connection hardware, power and battery backup, replacement and maintenance

To learn more about how to replace your battery or maintain your equipment, take a look at the following nbn video guides: 

1. The NBN Connection Box - Network Termination Device (NTD)

2. Your power supply and battery backup unit

3. Battery replacement

4. Maintaining your equipment

For further information about Battery Backup, please read the NBN Fibre User Guide provided to you by the NBN Technician at time of installation.

Fire and Lift Phones

Download our guide to connecting fire and lift phones to the nbn:

To register you your fire and lift lines visit nbn: fire and lift information, and for more about how to migrate monitored fire alarm and lift phone services, see the Migration of monitored fire alarm and lift phone services "Good Practice Guide"  

FAQs and other supporting information