Vocus Support Centre

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If you are looking for assistance with your Vocus service, please see the contact details below. You can also see our Network Status page for current network incidents.

Vocus Support Centre

The Vocus Support Centre provides 24/7 support via phone, or also via online during business hours. To ensure you are connected to the right team to help, please find the contact details for your services below.

Enterprise Support
1800 262 663
(+61 8 6311 3702)

For Enterprise, Corporate, Direct, and Business Partner customers using Internet, IPWAN and Ethernet Data Services, SIP services, National Inbound Services, IP Telephony or Accella Hosted Telephony Voice Services.

Online: Support request form

Wholesale Support
1300 855 845
(+61 2 8117 5909)

For Wholesale and Reseller customers using IP Transit, IPWAN, Ethernet, Wavelength and Transmission Data Services, CVC SIP trunks, Mera Voice and other Wholesale SIP services.

Online: Support request form

Wholesale Unified Comms Support
1800 958 130
(+61 3 8080 4099)

For Wholesale and Reseller customers using IPTel, Engin and VHV Unified Communications services.

Email: ucsupport@vocus.com.au

Wholesale NBN/DSL Broadband Support
1300 767 977
(+61 8 6467 8794)

For Wholesale and Reseller customers using Wholesale Retail Service Provider (RSP) NBN/DSL services, Resold ISDN, PSTN and Intelligent Network 13/1300/1800 services.

Email: ws.data.support@vocus.com.au or ws.voice.support@vocus.com.au

Data Centre Support
1300 860 840
(+61 8 6467 8773)

For all customers using Data Centre services.

Details: View Data Centre access & support details