Hybrid cloud solutions

Is your business on a cloud transformation journey or looking to optimise your costs for more consistent opex? Looking to deliver more, by accelerating business outcomes and providing better experiences for your customers? 

Vocus makes Hybrid Cloud easy with network, colocation, private and public cloud solutions that enable you to deploy and connect all your infrastructure environments.

Hybrid Cloud entails the adoption and use of many technologies, from on-premise infrastructure, private/public cloud, and SaaS to deliver the best business outcomes. Business is evolving quickly and the leveraging of cloud infrastructures to build agility, mobility, resilience and efficiencies is important.

A Hybrid Cloud strategy is critical to ensuring you have the flexibility of the right capabilities for all your workloads. Hybrid Cloud is not a solution to buy off the shelf. Instead, it’s a strategy that aligns the correct technology to your desired business outcome, from scalable, elastic cloud for e-commerce, fixed-cost private cloud for static virtual servers, through to colocation closer to cloud for legacy infrastructure. 

This strategy needs to be underpinned by an appropriately designed network that has security at its core. By implementing cloud services in a hybrid model, companies gain several advantages, such as pay-as-you-go consumption, reduced or minimal upfront capital costs, economies of scale, and networking speed.

Now, more than ever before, you need to ensure that your business has a hybrid strategy to guarantee that data, applications and collaboration tools can work seamlessly together.  

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