Investing in service delivery

As we expressed in our last update our growth has exposed painful pressure points in the Corporate and Wholesale Operations teams; but we have a plan that is on track to make service delivery great again.

The 3-part plan to invest in service delivery to improve your experience and shorten lead times is moving forward well with;

1.   New systems and processes. The heavy investment continues in revised systems and processes, with the start of our cutover onto new platforms beginning in February.

2.   Front-line Service Delivery staff getting back to business. New teams have been hired to remove the “noise” from our front-line staff to streamline their focus and get back to delivering services quickly.

3.   More staff resources. We’re have brought on 25 more staff across the service delivery areas in the last 3 months, with more hires still underway to grow the teams by an addition 30%.

With these changes, we have already seen improvement in some areas with the reduction in service lead-times and jobs delayed, but there is still work to do to get this consistent across all regions and products.

We still believe that long term we will get significant synergies from system improvement, increasing headcount and focusing on our customer service. We remain committed to reduced delivery timeframes, easier escalations and great service delivery.