Why do you need a multi-device security program?

Posted on May 07, 2018

Why Do You Need A Multi Device Security Program

When people think about cybersecurity, the first things that come to mind are hackers and desktop computers. In today’s world, that mindset is sadly out of date. Thanks to the rise of mobile devices and new varieties of cyber attacks, you need to think more broadly about securing your corporate assets and data.

A multi-device strategy with a strong focus on network security (including the use of cloud gateways and firewalls) will keep your company safe from today’s threats. Read on to learn about the threats your firm faces and how to protect yourself from them.

When good devices go bad

In the first quarter of 2017 alone, McAfee Labs detected 1.5 million new incidents of mobile malware. Mobile devices are a popular target for hackers. Attacks have become so sophisticated and subtle that many companies don’t even know their systems have been infiltrated. A study conducted by Dimensional Research showed that 20 percent of firms said their mobile devices have been breached, while a quarter of respondents couldn’t tell whether they’d been attacked or not.

Although device manufacturers are aware of the threats facing their products, malware is becoming harder and harder to beat. Part of the problem is that many applications simply aren’t built with security in mind, making them vulnerable to malware.

The explosion in IoT and wearables in the Enterprise space presents yet another security gap to cover.

Telephony isn’t immune to threats either

You might be reading this and think, “Well, my landlines are safe.” Think again—telephony can be exploited to bring your business to its knees.   

Toll fraud or IP PBX hijacking are significant new threats, particularly as organisations make the move to IP Telephony as ISDN is retired from service. Hacks of SIP or IP PBXs can very quickly rack up tens-of-thousands of dollars in bills, but also take inbound calls offline or reroute them completely.  

How can you protect your organisation?

The best way to protect your organisation is to adopt a multi-device strategy. The phrase “multi-device strategy” can be a bit deceptive—it’s not just about securing desktops with virus software. It’s a holistic way of thinking about how you can keep end-points, data, and your network safe.

A secure gateway is an important step in defending your organization against threats. Gateways are network nodes that connect two dissimilar networks. Examples of gateways are cloud gateways and firewalls. These gateways filter traffic before entering the corporate network. These days, there’s quite a bit of traffic traveling across networks thanks to the Internet of Things; data from connected devices deluges networks, and some can conceal threats.

A significant part of your multi-device strategy should be to choose the right network service provider. Your network service provider filters the data coming through your cloud gateway or firewall. Choosing a reliable, trustworthy network provider is paramount - no business can afford to be crippled by hackers.

Your telephony platform should be secure. IP Telephony can be convenient, but telephony delivered through secure, dedicated connections by an enterprise-class platform, such as Broadsoft, can significantly reduce risk of toll fraud or network infiltration via voice links.

What should you be looking for?

You should look to partner with a carrier that owns, manages and maintains its own network. Some of the biggest communications  providers in Australia actually don’t, and when you deal with them, you get bounced around between numerous business units before you can even talk to someone about your problem. You want accountability and make sure you ask if your provider can react when you need it. Even better, ask them what steps they take to be proactive in managing the security of your services.

Mobile devices and modern telephony systems enable greater productivity and efficiency… if they’re properly protected. A multi-device security strategy gives you peace of mind, and one of the strongest components of that strategy is choosing the right network provider. To learn more, contact us.   

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