Warning: low cloud alert

Posted on August 22, 2018

Low Cloud

It’s no secret that Cloud services are rapidly being adopted in Australia.

From 2016 to 2017, the volume of domestic businesses adopting cloud computing services rose 19 per cent with almost one-third of enterprises moving to the cloud.

This means there has also been a rise in the volume of cloud providers on the market which gives SMEs a range of options to choose from. But which provider is best?

Security is paramount when it comes to cloud computing so you need to ensure your provider has the proper monitoring systems in place and methods to prevent intrusion built into their service.

Protecting against non-sanctioned cloud services

Unauthorised access to enterprise cloud services remains a major problem, with a Netskope report showing that every enterprise in the cloud globally has 23 pieces of malware in their storage on average.

Of these malware pieces, 80.3 per cent are regarded as high in severity - meaning they pose threats to your business.

Unauthorised access can also be in-house, with public cloud services like Dropbox difficult to police. In many instances, employees have both personal and corporate Dropbox accounts which can make tracking unauthorised copying of files harder to detect.

To prevent malware or unauthorised use of your files and systems, monitoring programs need to be put in place.

Cloud gateway solutions the best monitoring tool at your disposal

To properly secure your cloud operations, a system needs to be put in place to monitor the traffic that flows in and out.

Cloud gateway solutions are a relatively new technology that allow you to do this, through a device that can communicate with your legacy and cloud operations.

These gateways translate all of the data in the background and provide information to a data centre, showing where intrusions or breaches occur and - in many cases - stopping them before they can damage your data and systems.

Streamlining your operations

Enterprise alignment is critical to every enterprise, to keep every aspect of the business aligned with its strategy and goals.

Internet security is no different. Enterprise-aligned services like cloud gateway solutions streamline all of your network elements to provide security for every aspect, be it data and/or systems in the cloud, server-stored information or individual devices attached to the network.

Vocus cloud gateway solutions

Carriers now offer a range of cloud gateway and firewall solutions that can cover off on your network security needs.

Many bundle cloud internet, firewall and cloud gateway solutions together in a service that is scaled to suit your business needs. And more importantly pushes your risk to the edge.

This comprehensive protection includes security against viruses, denial of service attacks, malware and also provides web/content filtering.

This service can be accessed by a secure remote access application control to monitor all traffic and also includes intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems to head potential threats off at the pass.

And then throw in VPN functionality for remote sites and workers and the option to have the monitoring managed by the provider, or unmanaged so your IT team can take the reins.

Whatever choice you make, choose a Cloud Firewall which matches your needs and provides you with the comfort you need so you can concentrate on other areas.


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