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Vocus signs up with Optus to drive growth in a 5G future

On 24 December 2018, Vocus announced the execution of a renegotiation and five-year extension of its current Mobile Virtual Network Operator (“MVNO”) agreement with Optus Wholesale which includes access to the Optus 5G network and future technologies.

The agreement builds upon the long-term partnership between Optus and Vocus brands Dodo, iPrimus and Commander. Engineered to drive growth for both businesses, the partnership provides a platform for Vocus to grow its mobile customer base across its various brands and a clear path for Vocus to access future 5G mobile services, to support the Vocus strategy to increase market share in Enterprise and Small to Medium Business segments.

Vocus Group Managing Director & CEO, Kevin Russell, stated, “Our new partnership with Optus gives Vocus security in the knowledge of our access to market-leading future technologies as well as the flexibility to put attractive mobile propositions in market in a timely manner. We have a high degree of confidence in Optus’ leadership in 5G networks and our own potential to innovate and better cater to our customers in mobile, where we have historically had a sub-scale market share. It also enables our Consumer resale business to rebalance its economics away from a complex and increasingly costly NBN wholesale broadband model to more sustainable and commercial margins in mobile.”

John Castro, Optus Wholesale and Satellite acting Managing Director, “Optus is delighted to extend on our long-term partnership with Vocus and work with them as we deploy 5G services nationally. We estimate this renegotiated agreement will deliver in excess of $200 million to Optus over the length of the five year agreement – a valuable partnership with great growth potential for both parties.”