Vocus launches flagship Data Centre in Melbourne CBD

Posted on November 14, 2013

Vocus Communications is launching its flagship premium data centre designed for businesses demanding the highest level of connectivity, power density, performance and security.

Located in the technology hub of the Melbourne CBD in the original ASX building, the new 300-rack facility is not only ultra convenient but highly connected. It links directly to Vocus' own international fibre optic network providing direct paths and bandwidth capacity across Australia and onwards to the United States, Asia and New Zealand. It also connects directly to all other main telcos offering diverse access.

Designed by one of Australasia's most experienced teams of data centre engineers, the principles of sustainability, efficiency and scalability have been applied throughout the 1280m2 facility. Efficiencies have been gained through water-based cooling technologies, hot aisle containment and power distribution.

Partnering with Schneider Electric, Vocus' new facility's world-class integrated physical infrastructure connects key hardware enabling businesses to benefit from the highest level of efficiency, power density, redundancy, performance and security. It has a target uptime of 100%.

The data centre's 'white racks' facilitiates maximum cooling efficiency, while huge power demands can be met with ease (supplying up to 30kW of power and cooling per rack).

As a result, customers can choose hardware based on their business needs (and not on the power restrictions of a data centre).

In line with Vocus' expansion plans, this launch is celebrates the completion of phase one of the planned build for 530 Collins Street, and is the second new premium facility unveiled by the company in as many months. Last month (October 2013), the New Zealand Minister for Communications and IT officially opened its Auckland exension, dubbed 'the most connected data centre in the country'.

In both the Auckland and Melbourne data centres, customers have a revolutionary way to monitor and manage their hardware in the data centre. The Vocus View smartphone application (a free app) allows customers to remotely monitor power use, view live reports, have keyless entry to their rack and receive a range of notifications.

Vocus now has 11 data centres strategically spread across eight sites in Australia and New Zealand.

Key features of the new Melbourne Vocus data centre include:

  • Unrivalled, diverse national and international connectivity via the Vocus network (multiple alternative carriers also available)
  • High-power densities of up to 30kWs per rack
  • Separate transformers, 2N UPS, 2N diesel generators on site
  • On site fuel supply lasting in excess of 24 hours
  • High security with 24/7 on site staff, biometric security, swipe card access and CCTV surveillance
  • Design redundant N+1 chilled water cooling system
  • Power usage efficiency (PUE) 1.3
  • Carrier Neutral facility