Vocus installs global first 1728 fibre cable

Posted on March 16, 2015

31 Vocus Installs Global First 1728 Fibre Cable

Vocus Communications today announced the installation of the world’s largest fibre optic cable, becoming the first company in the world to install this type of cable.

“This is a first for the telecommunications industry, globally,” says Alex West, Chief Operating Officer at Vocus. “As part of our commitment to building the fibre network of the new millennium, we’ve been trialling this flextube fibre cable in smaller formats for three years and to see a world first being installed now is a huge testament to the commitment and effort of the team.”

The cable has a fibre count of 1728, twelve times the fibre count of typical network cables with a similar diameter.

“The benefit of this cable is not just the initial installation, but it reduces the cost per fibre pair, as the civil works to install this cable is primarily the same as smaller core cables. Using this technology future proofs the network as the small diameter cable gives us the ability to upgrade our network along a path to around 4x 1728 or 8600 fibres down a street.”

It means we can serve more customers for a longer period before we need to deploy a truck roll and install new fibre, this allows us a far shorter delivery time for new fibre services to our customers.”

As one of the largest metro fibre providers in Australia, with more than 1300 buildings on‐net, Vocus continues to disrupt the telecommunications market and showcase its commitment to building the network of the new millennium.

This project came about as a bespoke solution to a unique problem faced by a customer and took around nine months to plan and deploy, but the achievement will open up new opportunities for Vocus to continue to push the boundaries of fibre technology.

“The initial cable is being laid in South Sydney, but the opportunities for a further rollout are being explored,” said West. “We’ve been able to make this a reality in such a short period of time compared to other telcos because we have the unique ability to be agile in areas where our competitors can’t – our company is built to innovate and we’re not restricted by processes and hierarchies of traditional telcos.”

This achievement is good news for Australian businesses who value the productivity and performance benefits that a fast, secure and reliable fibre connection can make to their organisation.


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(ASX:VOC): Vocus Communications is an ASX listed leading telecommunications provider of Data Centre, Dark Fibre and International Internet connectivity across Australia, NZ, Singapore and the US. The company provides high performance, high availability, and highly scalable communications solutions, which allow service providers to quickly and easily deploy new services for their own customer base. 

Vocus installs global first 1728 fibre cable