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Vocus Group Managing Director/CEO speech at CommsDay Melbourne Congress

In his speech to the CommsDay Melbourne Congress, Vocus Group Managing Director/CEO Kevin Russell called for the Government to issue NBN with a new Statement of Expectations to provide it with clear policy objectives in Enterprise - an updated Statement of Expectations that should lay out some clear ‘rules of engagement’ for NBN in Enterprise.

Mr Russell highlighted that NBN’s move into Enterprise should be positive - it should improve competition in underserved areas, it should improve retail market competition by virtue of NBN’s position as a wholesale-only, transparent, and non-discriminatory provider, and it should support and encourage more private investment. However, NBN’s entry into the Enterprise market is being driven by short term financial objectives, rather than long term, strategic policy objectives.

He highlighted the need for Government to be very mindful of how it continues to encourage – not penalise – private sector investment.

He stated, "It is critical that we have some clear policy objectives for NBN in Enterprise so we continue to encourage private investment.

"I’m not here to look backwards at how we got to this point.
But right now we need a long-term vision for the NBN, to ensure we are making conscious decisions that foster an environment which encourages investment and creates a sustainable industry," concluded Mr Russell.