Vocus Communications ups the ante against DDoS attacks

Posted on October 23, 2015

25 Vocus Communications Ups The Ante Against Ddos Attacks

Vocus Communications Limited has today announced the launch of a new form of protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, DDoS Protect.

The DDoS Protect solution offers a premium level of protection against attacks by focusing on providing automatic detection and mitigation before attacks occur, while also allowing customers to stay online, even when an incident has taken place.

As 2014 saw a massive 121 per cent increase in infrastructure based DDoS attacks*, the new DDoS solution has come at an ideal time for many Australian businesses. 

“Australia is increasingly a target for DDoS attacks and basically any organisation with a public IP address is vulnerable,” said Luke Mackinnon, Chief Technology Officer, Vocus Communications.

“The ramifications of an attack can be severely damaging to a business in terms of downtime, loss of productivity and income, and even brand reputation as it can create the perception that a business has flaws in the way it handles sensitive data.”

Vocus, through DDoS Protect, offers a best in class solution that allows businesses to protect themselves against DDoS attacks as they hit.

“DDoS Protect works by undertaking automatic scrubbing of all detectable events which greatly reduces the likelihood of any down time suffered from an attack, as well as any impact on international bandwidth congestion,” said Mr. Mackinnon.

“As part of the DDoS Protect solution, we have two teams, the Threat Detection System team (TDS) and Threat Prevention System team (TPS), which include highly trained network engineers who constantly gather intelligence to identify new signatures, predict new forms of attack and fine tune filters to look out for suspicious traffic. TPS units are deployed at a number of major international

borders, and have 100Gbps of network scrubbing capacity which means we are able to scrub huge amounts of traffic at each international border point – essentially stopping the impact before it even arrives onshore,” said Mr. Mackinnon.

The DDoS Protect solution also offers customers the ability to manually scrub traffic via Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) if a DDoS attack does occur. Customisable reports of traffic, DDoS event history and the ability to manage alerts and notifications are also included as part of the DDoS Protect service. Alongside DDoS Protect, the Vocus DDoS portfolio also offers a number of other solutions that

provide varying levels of protection to suit the needs of smaller and more medium sized businesses.DDoS Protection with Vocus Internet and Vocus DDoS Detect, both offer Vocus’ best in class protection however are limited in terms of insights around network activity. 

“Every minute a site is down, a company is losing money, losing customers and experiencing longterm problems that can often take longer to fix than the DDoS attack itself,” said Mr. Mackinnon.

“As the incidence of DDoS attacks continues to rise in both small and large businesses, protecting your network to, in turn, protect the integrity of your data, operations and success has never been more important.”

DDoS Protect is available to all Australian businesses on the Vocus network from today.