Vocus Cloud Connect gives businesses confidence with a secure connection

Posted on October 20, 2015

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The benefits of the cloud for business are well documented and adoption has skyrocketed among businesses large and small. Gartner has forecast that IaaS alone is expected to grow 32.8 per cent by next year (CAGR)1.

As the penetration of cloud increases, we now can offer Australian businesses the ability to fully harness the power of the cloud provider of their choice.

Vocus Cloud Connect can help your business maximise performance and productivity with maximum security.

The Cloud platform you choose, backed by the Vocus network

Vocus Cloud Connect (VCC) provides direct connectivity into some of the most sought after cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, IBM Softlayer and Amazon Web Services.

As well as the addition of more Cloud providers, VCC provides increased connectivity options, including the option for customers to connect via point-to-point Ethernet or IP WAN.

Utilising VCC enables organisations to significantly improve performance, bring down infrastructure overhead whilst ensuring high availability and security.

VCC is part of Vocus' commitment to provide a fast, secure and reliable fibre connection so businesses can focus on what they do best -- delivering results to their customers.

Read how Goodman is leveraging Vocus Cloud Connect to create a seamless network to the Cloud.

1Gartner Says Worldwide Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service Spending to Grow 32.8 Percent in 2015

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