The Impact Good Office Design Has on Your Business

Posted on December 13, 2016


The thought of moving office can be a daunting one, when you take into consideration the great deal of planning, preparation and upheaval involved. Provided you find the right new space, there are long-term benefits of relocating your business that greatly outweigh the short term inconveniences.

A new office can transform not only the physical walls of a workplace, but also the happiness and productivity of the people working within them. If you feel that your business has outgrown its current office, either in size or spirit, read on to discover the key benefits of relocating your office.


Innovative office spaces attract bright minds. In today’s fast-paced and competitive working environment, it’s important for your business to stand out to potential recruits, and a well-designed office space is one way to significantly increase your appeal to talent in market. First impressions matter, and whether or not talented individuals can visualise themselves happily working for your business can depend on their thoughts of the work space. Is it bright and inviting? Are desks and furniture well-spaced or are people operating in cramped cubicles? How are other employees engaging with the space? These may be physical aspects of the office positively or negatively affecting the opinions of prospective employees you are hoping to engage.

As companies invest more and more in people programs, good office design has become a foundation of attracting and retaining great talent.


Your office space tells prospective and existing clients a lot about your company and how it operates. If your business is disruptive and forward-thinking, your office should be telling the same story.

With an impartial eye, consider the impact your current workspace has when clients visit your office. Does it inspire confidence and trust in your abilities as an efficient and innovative business? If the answer is no, or even maybe, it might be time to look for greener pastures.

Moving offices also creates a great opportunity to refresh and update the face your business presents to the world. If you want to demonstrate exactly what who your company is and what you stand for, the aesthetics of your workspace can do a lot of the talking for you. To clients old and new, the location, design and layout of your office creates a picture worth a thousand words.

Employee Engagement

The design of your office has a large impact on the culture of your company. Humans need to feel engaged at work to be happy, so it’s important that the space you provide for your staff to work in every day is able to keep them inspired and motivated. As aforementioned, good office design plays a significant role in not only attracting new talent, but also retaining loyal employees.

A new office is a blank canvas to begin redefining and living your values, so relocating your business could be the breath of fresh air your business needs. In designing the new space, you might consider asking your employees for feedback on the current office. As daily occupants of the space, their collective comments and suggestions can shed valuable light on missing or desirable elements in their working environment that you may have overlooked. While you might not be able to deliver on every request, your staff will appreciate being asked for their input.

The key to retaining bright, talented employees is fostering a happy, healthy, and engaged workplace culture, which is affected in many ways by the physical confines of the office. If moving into a new space better allows your staff to ideate, innovate and collaborate with ease, that’s helping to ensure their continued passion and enthusiasm for the job and the company.

Connectivity & Productivity

A new office move also gives you the chance to assess your current space, and make adjustments to improve employee productivity. Does your current space afford employees with the resources and room they need to innovate?

If your office doesn’t have enough meeting rooms or break out areas to facilitate the number of staff, for example, this might be preventing your employees from collaborating on various projects, resulting in wasted opportunities to engage in valuable ideation. Or if the digital connectivity in your current office is slow, limited or otherwise insufficient, this can disrupt communications with clients, consultants and other employees. Short term this might simply be a hassle, but in the long run, technical issues have a significant detrimental effect on your business’s ability to perform at its best. 

When relocating your work space, it’s much easier to review problem areas affecting the operational processes of the business, and to identify and implement solutions. Proper preparation will ensure that when you assess the features of a new office and start planning its design, you know exactly what your staff requires and how you might meet these needs, whether that’s with more facilities, flexible working areas or a better communications system.

Before you move anywhere, however, remember to look into the infrastructure of your prospective new office upfront so you can plan for any limitations accordingly. Does the location have fibre connectivity? Will you need to upgrade your internet? Are you thinking of investing in cloud-based solutions?

At Vocus, we have the experience, resources and general know-how to support you with these queries and more. We understand that every business demands different things of its telco, especially when transitioning between physical locations. That’s why our range of network solutions is custom designed to be flexible and adaptable.

While it might not be an everyday consideration, a dreary, uninspiring workplace that lacks adequate space and resources can seriously impact your staff’s ability to think creatively and work productively. If your current office is no longer serving the demands of your business, moving into a new space may provide that crucial fresh start.

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