The Emerging Future Of Enterprise Communications

Posted on November 09, 2017

The Emerging Future Of Enterprise Communications

There is a new wave of communications applications coming for the business sector, which allow for easy chat, setting tasks and sharing information.

In the home, we've enjoyed the likes Skype, Facebook Messenger and other chat clients over recent years, while business options have remained thin on the ground.

That is all set to change, with communications now a leading option for start-ups in a trillion dollar market.

Slack, Fuze, Trello and Twilio are some of the successful apps that have been created to allow for effective enterprise communications in companies. More are expected to be rolled out in the coming years.

So what is the best option for your business, and how can you set up your own enterprise systems to optimise your communications?

The leading communications apps

There are different kinds of enterprise communications software available, with team messaging apps some of the more popular.

Apps like Slack and HipChat allow for teams to instantly message each other and access forums, using the best features of traditional chat programs, while keeping the conversation in-house.

There are other apps, like Asana, which allow managers to set up task and workflow management so staff know exactly what they should be doing in real-time.

And then there are the feature-rich apps like Igloo and Podio which feature all the bells and whistles, like chat, forums, calendars and workflow templates. These apps are also customisable for the industry that you are working in.

The next step in enterprise communications

Mobile only communications is presently something that SMEs and startups are employing for the networking needs. But new solutions are being worked on to ensure this is a viable option for large companies as well.

Even though mobility is an area of focus for organisations, the ability of the workforce to securely access corporate networks via BYOD devices still remains a focus for IT Administrators. The need to provide high-speed wireless access within an organisation can put poorly constructed LANs under pressure, and all the more complicated across multiple locations.

With employee expectation being that ubiquitous high-speed data access being the norm, and the reliance on cloud-based services, it’s critical that businesses ensure that at the very least that their Internet connectivity is the best it can be.

It is feasible to believe that, in the coming years, large companies will be able to conduct all of their communications through smartphones and tablets, but keeping those devices connected efficiently and securely will keep IT on their toes

Solutions available to set up and secure your enterprise communications

The biggest challenge in setting up enterprise communications is ensuring you have the network setup required to handle it, and the right security measures in place.

This includes Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions to ensure your communications are seamless, no matter where the staff members are located.

A commercial VPN option will enable you to keep your data encrypted, secured and private. With advances in network firewalls, the ability to undertake remote operations is critical for anywhere, anytime operations.

One solution does not always fit all

Even with the tendency for businesses to adopt quasi-consumer style communications tools, it’s critical that businesses consider their longer term needs. Security and user authentication (Active Directory Integration) are two important factors.

The other major piece for consideration is the path to video. With 1-to-1 and 1-to-many video conferencing becoming the norm, the roadmap for enterprise communications needs to be able to factor the future where every user will want to utilise high-definition video, seamlessly, and securely on any device.

And underpinning all of this is smarter business networks, which are designed to prioritise video to ensure excellent user experiences.

Communication solutions vary depending on every business's needs and size. The Vocus team has a solution for every need that is reliable, secure and able to meet your enterprise’s requirements. Contact us to arrange your consultation and start down the road towards better enterprise communications.

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