Smart Cities Where Machines Talk to Each Other? It's here already.

Posted on December 06, 2016

Cisco Philips

Imagine a city that can adapt to social and urban challenges dynamically and independently.

A world where machines talk to machines. All without us being involved.

It is already happening, with the Internet of Everything (IoE) changing how our cities grow.

A case study

Amsterdam has been leading the way in urban digitalism, with its public street lighting a prime example.

Cisco and Philips have been working on network-enabled LED street lighting.

This enables remote monitoring, improved maintenance, dimming and scene setting and improved energy metering and billing.

Amsterdam hopes to connect all residents by 2018.

Machines connecting to machines

For humans to be better connected, machines need to be connected.

This is the premise behind smart cities, with the Internet of Things allowing devices, vehicles, appliances, buildings and more to talk to each other dynamically. Core to achieving this will be smart, modern corporate networks which are fast, flexible and secure to enable this interaction.

Cisco's Visual Networking Index predicts Australia's machine-to-machine (M2M) devices will soar from 53 million (41%) in 2015 to 139.7 million (59%) in 2020.

How smart cities work.

As the internet evolves and the IoE becomes more prevalent, devices will do more than report data. M2M technology will allow the connected city to translate data and make digitial decisions on the fly.

This real-time analysis will allow cities to tackle urban issues including;  job creation, economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social resilience.

For business, the key will be to harness all that data quickly, and securely to turn zeros and ones into meaningful insights which benefit all who live in our cities, for today and tomorrow.

Talk to us about how we are helping businesses transform their networks to support the demands of the Internet of Everything.

Banner image courtesy of Cisco & Philips

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