'Service Now' streamlines provisioning, improves process

Posted on July 01, 2014

A new initiative designed to improve customer experience and internal efficiencies is Service Now*. To be released later this month (July 2014), this new ticketing and workflow platform incorporates a fully integrated system that streamlines the process around support and provisioning.

A major leap forward comes in the content and relevance of our customer notifications. With Service Now, we can now provide highly targeted, detailed descriptions about any hazardous work, incidents or outages that may affect your circuit. Plus, you will be able to select who should be notified within your organisation and how (for example, email or SMS).

From a provisioning perspective, every dependent task can be clearly seen, providing an accurate, up-to-date and transparent overview of an order.

The final touches to Service Now are being completed, making it ready for internal release during July. This will then enable the platform to interface directly into our CRM system, allowing Account Managers to track progress of orders. Vocus' Wholesale customers will benefit from Service Now once it integrates with the new customer web portal. If you'd like more information about Service Now, please contact your Wholesale Account Manager.