Is Your ICT Infrastructure Closed For New Business?

Posted on April 28, 2017


Unless you’re a “born digital” enterprise, your legacy applications and services may be draining your ICT resources and expenditure. In fact, because they’re difficult to update or move, your legacy applications may even be holding you back from succeeding in today’s economy.

In the era of cloud computing, “As A Service” opportunities are now viewed as mandatory in any ICT strategy, making your existing data centre the first item to consider for enabling transformation. 

Every industry is being disrupted by new competition and new business models. Governments are also challenged, with citizens demanding online information at their fingertips, self-service options and the ability to communicate over a wider range of channels. 

 These changing paradigms demand you compete by: 

  • Digitising every corner of your operations 
  • Moving CapEx investment to OpEx to improve cash flows and reduce debt 
  • Communicating with your customers, employees and suppliers in new ways 
  • Delivering new and existing services online

In the new world order, legacy applications can be heavy baggage. While you need to keep your core applications running, you have to do it smarter and there’s an increasing emphasis on innovation for working, communicating and interacting via new technologies. 

New delivery models are well recognised as key strategies for:

  • Bringing greater business focus to the ICT function: moving from ICT technology to business technology by having your ICT team concentrate on unique business or service delivery opportunities 
  • Separating technology from service delivery: given technology is now a commodity, differentiation depends on innovating services to remain competitive 
  • Moving at internet speed: because, according to recent Australian Bureau of Statistics data, those born digital and highly Social Gen Y/Z now represent 40% of the workforce – and typically your customers and citizens– so traditional deployment time-lags are no longer an option 

Many enterprises are adopting a Hybrid ICT infrastructure to fulfil these maturing needs. At Vocus, our approach to ICT service delivery is based on a combination of:

  • The essential legacy services that form the backbone of your operations – enhanced by new ways of accessing them, online delivery and new communications channels 
  • Private and public cloud options – selected on the basis of appropriate security, data sovereignty, availability and reliability 
  • Increased reliance on external Service Providers, as technology becomes more specialised and maintaining in-house skills less viable 
  • Managed Service options that eliminate repetitive manual processes, reduce the need for internal monitoring and management tools and leverage Service Provider expertise and economies of scale Balancing your risk profile and compliance obligations – corporate, legislative and industry – which must be accommodated within the mix 

 We specialise in looking at the total picture of what organisations are looking to achieve. 

For CHC Helicopter, they needed a core network foundation which would allow their IT team to focus on business transformation. 

For Brownes Group, they wanted the comfort that their operations could be scaled with acquisition. 

Talk to us about your unique requirements. You may be surprised that many other organisations face the same issues you do.

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