How SIP Trunks can improve your global communications and improve productivity

Posted on May 08, 2018

How Sip Trunks Can Improve Your Global Communications And Improve Productivity

One of the greatest challenges presenting business when it comes to expanding overseas is communications.

Different borders, service providers, phone networks and other barriers can make sharing audio and video a taxing exercise.

But there is a solution. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) services allow you to merge all of your data, voice and video to one platform that works across the globe.

And in a world where business is becoming more globalised, it presents several productivity boosts that can help you make the transition from being a domestic enterprise to an international one.  

The rise of global business

Better networking, communication services and technology mean that more businesses are able take their goods and services to a global market.

There are many examples of Australian businesses that have taken the plunge and thrived.

The Cotton On Group started as a fashion retailer in Geelong in 1991, now boasting more than 1400 clothing stores across 18 countries - including the United States.

Lorna Jane, Typo, Bunnings and Blackmores are other major companies that have reaped rewards by setting up global operations.

The ability to stay connected is one of the main reasons businesses are able to spread their wings abroad, and SIP services present a way for Australian businesses to take the plunge.

How SIP services can help you stay connected

Put simply, SIP funnels your calls through data networks directly to another SIP endpoint, rather than just the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

These calls can be made from the SIP service via traditional handset, soft client or mobile device, which the ageing Integrated Services Digital Networks (ISDN) is unable to do.

High speed data networks mean that businesses can streamline their communications across multiple countries with unwavering audio and video quality - an essential when collaborating between remote locations.

How this improves productivity

There are many benefits the SIP service offers, that traditional services do not, that can improve productivity.

Primarily, collaboration becomes a much simpler process because voice, data and email are all delivered by the same platform. This means services are all streamlined, no matter where on the globe you are.

The unification of all of your data services also dramatically decreases the impact of unplanned downtime, as everything can be migrated to another location and business can continue as usual.

And because this is a service that can be used via app on mobile devices, there is no real need for offices at all. Employees can be located anywhere on the planet with a tablet, laptop or smartphone and tap into the same communications platform as everyone else.

A case study of a local business using SIPs to expand overseas

NIB provides health insurance and private health cover in Australia, which recently saw their operations expand significantly.

Hubs were established in Newcastle, Sydney and across the Tasman to Auckland, New Zealand; which was a great sign of success, but provided challenges when it came to intra-business collaboration.

A new network was installed that provided converged contact centre SIP voice connectivity and IP WAN data network services, NIB's chief information officer Brendan Mills explains.

"We selected Vocus because our business had expanded nationally, and more recently across the Tasman, so we needed a partner that could ensure our operations were equipped to meet these new demands," he said.

“The voice services with Vocus are predominately SIP based which instantly improved our ability to manage and shift calls within our contact centre delivery points. Furthermore, this enabled us to cater for peaks and troughs in call volume as we could reallocate calls, routing them wherever we wanted."

To learn more about SIP services and how you can transition your communications to your data network, call Vocus on 1300 88 99 88 or read more on SIP Trunks services that are available.

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