How IP telephony can enhance your business

Posted on January 14, 2016

There are few technological solutions that can change the way your business interacts both internally and externally. One way of achieving this is through incorporating an IP Telephony system.

IP telephony, in general, describes the technologies which use internet protocol (IP) connections to transfer voice and video information across data networks. IP Telephony is important for businesses that want a hassle free way of merging all their computers and phone lines into an easy-to-use system.

Businesses that choose to install IP telephony can enjoy multiple benefits.


An advantage of telephony is improved internal phone lines, as well as enhanced transference to outside lines. With many current systems overwhelmed and slow, having faster phone lines can be the key to better productivity timely decision making. All this can help the company conduct business more efficiently and increase productivity levels.

A single phone number can be used across multiple devices, which can free up other lines for use. This also allows individual employees to carry their work numbers in a number of different departments and means incoming calls can to be targeted to the right areas.

It can also eliminate the need for expensive switching equipment and the installation of extra telephone lines. For smaller businesses, this can be an issue as upgrading older phone lines can be costly. With the service being outsourced, this allows businesses to avoid hefty upgrade and maintenance bills in the future.

Instant messaging

Communication across the business can be dramatically improved with the introduction of real-time chat and messaging. Employees can discuss work anywhere with colleagues and include multiple people in the conversations. General output rate can also be enhanced with these tools.

With a reliable and fast fibre optic network, easy-to-use video conferencing and voice calling through the one IP Telephony becomes possible and this can increase productivity and relationships between the company and its clients. The ability to improve collaboration is an attractive prospect for multi-national companies that wish to eliminate unnecessary travel costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

Calling centre

Businesses with a contact centre can experience better functionality through IP telephony. Many customers don't have a good relationship with call centres as they are deemed unreliable and slow. The customer's experience with the centre improves and return business is more likely because calls can more quickly be transferred to the correct representative. The business itself benefits with much better call control, reporting and a solution which is far more economical than traditional call centre technology.

The communications can also be recorded and played back during professional development or training of new staff to further improve customer relations.