How high-speed data can transform the small business experience

Posted on August 10, 2018

High Speed Data

Transporting data isn't just essential for modern business; it can also provide the competitive edge SMEs need to rise to the top of their industry.

Custom solutions can deliver greater efficiencies, productivity and boost your revenue by providing seamless data transfers with no downtime.

This doesn't come saddled with extra cost, either, with many clients reporting that their improved networks are actually more affordable than their previous ones that lagged.

Reliable speed is the lifeblood of this rescue service

For Vocus client CHC Helicopter, reliable speeds weren't just a luxury—they were a necessity.

One of the helicopter company's major roles is to launch search-and-rescue missions, as well as air medical evacuation services from its 10 bases across Australia (and many more globally).

CHC IT manager Asia Pacific Philip O'Dwyer said that Vocus had been able to provide a solution that quadrupled bandwidth in some operations, all at a lower cost than they were previously paying.

"No longer do I get the phone calls from the base managers saying; 'Phil, we can't access the systems, they are too slow', we don't have that issue anymore," he said.

"With Vocus, if we don't have access to the right sized bandwidth we will just ring up our partner and we can increase it. Now it is affordable to do that."

Maria Coutinho is the CHC base manager at Karratha in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, and she said the Vocus solutions allowed them to just get on with their jobs.

"Everything that we have is remote, so all our communication is based either by phone or by email or IT platforms," she said.

"So not having a good level of service affects everything that we do and every way that we communicate. All of our people seem to be quite happy because now it is now taking their focus off what they are doing," Maria said.

"They can literally go do their job, know whatever platform they're going to be utilising, they're going to get the right speeds, get their jobs done quickly and then they are just going to move off onto their next tasking."

VOCUS solutions guarantee high speed connection

With high-speed transfers so critical to ICT solutions, it is important to have the right setup for your business.

Vocus offers three primary networking solutions, all of which will ensure that your company is not slowed down by dwindling data transfers. They include:

Dark fibre: A fully dedicated fibre optic, point-to-point connection that delivers unparalleled performance, control and security. This is your own private connection that eliminates all downtime by providing direct, high speed pathways.

Ethernet: Vocus uses end-to-end Layer 2 connections between your offices, which could be locally based, interstate or even overseas. This comes with extra connection that ensures when overseas lines go down, your connection never does.

Business internet: You can source your connection directly from our high-performance, carrier-grade network. This is a network that has been deliberately over-engineered to ensure it not only meets the needs of today, but well into the future.

Contact Vocus today on 1300 88 99 88 for your no-obligation consultation on how we can scale up your connection speeds, while scaling down your costs.

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