How a Prius Can Influence Enterprise IT Efficiency

Posted on May 11, 2018

How A Prius Can Influence Enterprise It Efficiency

You’ve likely heard of the benefits that hybrid vehicles are delivering to people around the world – but what if hybrid approaches could be applied in enterprise IT – where and what benefits could it deliver?

Firstly, hybrid infrastructure is widely being used to blend the best attributes of on-premises (or data centre hardware) with a mix of public cloud and private cloud. This can be a clever arrangement because your business only uses resources based on user demand.

Many businesses have considerable capital tied up in IT infrastructure that still has value on the balance sheet. But with capital becoming more scarce, public and private cloud services can deliver flexibility to cost-effectively respond to workload demand as business operations demand, without having large amounts of costly on-premises capability, paid for up-front, sitting unused.

It’s this one-two punch of the hybrid model that’s so effective, giving your business what experts like to call ‘scalability’.

This can look different in different businesses, however. For example, while the public cloud offers flexibility, some critical workloads might be best kept on-premise over a private network connection. Other companies might also have apps that need to communicate between private and public cloud – requiring a different type of flexibility.

No matter the scenario, there’s great versatility in the hybrid set-up, as it gives your IT team the freedom to test what works best – to scale as needed. Your CFO will love it too.

Easy efficiency

Things can change from year to year and an on-premise workload that was once high priority might be less crucial 12 months later. If your business fluctuates in this way – moving tasks and continually reprioritising work – it can be costly without a suitable network set-up.

A hybrid cloud environment can overcome this by automating the task without causing disruption. So, instead of overloading your data centre, your business can operate on a needs-only basis, which can translate to pay only as you need as well.

Moving apps or service to the public cloud is great advantage too, because your business can unburden its on-premise workloads that may struggle servicing the highly network and security intensive anywhere, anytime worker.

These are simple ideas but not always possible in more traditional network environments. They’re also solutions that aren’t always top of mind when your team is busy running its day-to-day operation. This is where an expert network provider can help.

Get lean and mean

As hybrid networks continue to grow, it’s becoming more attractive for businesses to adopt a mix of technologies. In fact, it’s expected that cloud-based infrastructures will take on even more importance in the business world, according to IT publication Networkworld. The reason for this is that businesses are seeing the benefits of both types of cloud, where most apps and services need specific strategies and enterprise IT matures in their understanding of the use of cloud technologies.

This specification also allows you to get lean. For example, if security is a chief concern for the business, an expert network provider can help your team evaluate which data or workload requires the most secure arrangement. At the same time, the right provider can help your business work out if it needs dedicated private clouds for those immediate mission-critical workloads.

Additionally, an expert can help your business understand the value of service level agreements. These standards, which are tied to things like performance, availability and security, are not always available with every carrier. It’s important to know how this might impact your business as you look to upgrade your IT.

Choosing the right path

In the end, it’s about setting up the network paths that work best for your team and organisation. One size fits all simply doesn’t apply here. You need professional advice to help your business prioritise its workloads so the company can meet its specific goals, especially during times of growth.

Our experts at Vocus can help you plan and implement the right network connection. We know how businesses work and will meet your needs around workload efficiency, security, cost and perhaps above all else, that well documented buzzword –  ‘scalability'. 

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