FX Acquisition - An Industry Game Changer

Posted on November 19, 2014

Vocus Communications' acquisition of FX Networks and its intercity fibre throughout New Zealand recently made headline news -- and rightfully so. The combined capability promises an exciting future with unprecedented opportunities for customers.

The union of these two high performance networks has created a complementary product set and a true end-to-end trans-Tasman solution.

While Vocus' international network assets (and multiple data centres) fit nicely with FX, the two companies align well in other areas: a 'can do' culture; an appetite for innovation; and that rare ability to respond fast and positively.

They shared similar experiences in the early days too, both challengers to the traditional telco market at the time. From the start, in 2003, the FX team heralded fair and transparent pricing, a high performing, highly available new network for the new millennium, and a genuine resolve to deliver customer service excellence. Not surprisingly, FX attracted many top end, very established clients -- in fact, almost half of the largest 100 companies in New Zealand have gone on to rely on its network to deliver essential services. Today, its customers are data heavyweights with a zero tolerance for network downtime: think hospitals, emergency services, government agencies, telco carriers, ISPs, enterprises and more. An outage for any of these could be catastrophic.

While the company's success is the sum of many parts, at the heart of it is the smart and modern design of the FX network. From the bottom of the South Island, to the far north of the North Island, FX's national network has been designed to meet the most demanding requirements in the country. Its engineers have created a world-class fibre infrastructure that's built for availability, performance and speed. The core FX network, operating largely on its own 4,200km of fibre, can deliver in speed increments up to 100Gbps (and up to 8Tbps per fibre pair on existing core infrastructure). For those customers who value flexibility, it can provision n x 10Gb of on net services in a matter of a few days. And for those customers who must have diversity, its fully redundant architecture means there's always another path for traffic to take.

Now, with the merging of the two networks, a pure trans-Tasman asset has been created -- and the third largest data operator in New Zealand declared.

Customers who do business on both sides of the ditch can now access a single point of contact, with control and visibility across the entire network. If issues do arise, they can be quickly identified and resolved by one of our engineers.

This latest acquisition demonstrates Vocus' continued commitment to investing in New Zealand, particularly at a time when others are scaling back their trans-Tasman activities.

The two brands will live side-by-side for the interim period, with the aim of moving to one single identity in 2015.

For more information on the new combined capabilities now available with Vocus and FX, contact your account manager.

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FX interesting info:

  • Offers private networking, Internet, telephony and storage as a service
  • Touches 99 per cent of the Ultra Fast Broadband population with its fibre network
  • Touches 100 per cent of the existing last mile network
  • One of only three inter-city networks in New Zealand, and the only modern network built in the past decade
  • The first to sell Layer 2 services, and the first to sell IPV6 in New Zealand
  • Employs more than 130 staff in offices in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch