Cloud solutions: what are the differences between providers?

Posted on August 13, 2018

Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions are becoming more and more essential for modern businesses, which means demand is high. And for good reason.

Australian Bureau of Statistics data has revealed that 31 per cent of Australian businesses are already using paid cloud solutions, which rises to 60 per cent when dealing with organisations with staff of 200 or more.

There are so many providers and variations available on the market, so how do you choose one over another? Here’s a rundown of the options open to your business...

Private cloud

This is where your data, services and infrastructure are maintained and managed by your business or a third party. This is the preferred option for those with highly sensitive information, as the security and control measures are of a best-in-class standard. With less parties having access to the data, and less exposure of the environment to outsiders, the risk of information being leaked is lower and more control can be established.

This cloud is dedicated to your organisation alone but has similar advantages to the public cloud, like scalability and self-service.

Community cloud

This is essentially the combination of a series of private clouds. This is where several organisations or franchises share access to a series of private clouds. Typically, this format is especially beneficial for businesses with multiple offices or outlets spread across multiple locations.

There are strong customer service outcomes available through this option as well, with online branding and services remaining identical across multiple locations.

Public cloud

This is where your data is stored offsite and accessed through an internet connection, effectively eliminating the need for costly infrastructure and the ongoing maintenance of technology. It also provides stronger disaster recovery security, as there is no risk of physical damage from a storm, fire or other natural disaster.

Your data is stored and managed by a third party, meaning this method provides the greatest cost efficiencies. But the risk of intrusion is higher than a private cloud, as more people have access to the data.

Hybrid cloud

You can think of this option as a fusion of private and public cloud solutions where you can achieve cost savings and efficiencies, by leveraging the benefits of cloud and not throwing away previous CAPEX on applications or infrastructure. For example, high-performance mission critical applications can be run close to the organisation within it's data centre environment, with documents in private cloud, and lower importance data, like emails, serviced by public cloud infrastructure.

Seeing it in action: a case study

Cloud hosting is not restricted to just data backup, with Vocus offering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to streamline business operations.

Sydney property group Goodman is one organisation that took up this service, moving important systems like its Document Management System to the cloud through Vocus.

Western Australia's DVG Automotive Group is another major organisation that ported its major systems into the cloud. Vocus oversaw the transfer of DVG’s IT systems, including email and the company’s critical dealer management system onto the cloud.

DVG group general affairs manager Rick Morcom said this improved operations immediately.

"Changing our provider and upgrading our network capacity has helped us to no end,” he said. “It has increased the speed of our DMS dramatically so the operators are no longer waiting for keystrokes to load. It is so much quicker to use and operate.”

Finding the best access through the best providers

Vocus offers cloud connection to the best service providers in the business, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Softlayer and Microsoft Azure. By using high performance network connections, speed will never be compromised and will even run faster than conventional access by VPN over Internet.

Bandwidth and costs are all scalable, depending on your needs, so you will never pay for services that you do not require.

For more information on creating the fastest connection to the cloud possible though Vocus, contact us today.

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