Choosing a cloud solution is about knowing your business needs

Posted on December 04, 2017

Choosing A Cloud Solution Is About Knowing Your Business Needs

Cloud computing is transforming the way enterprise businesses handle data. The question is how do you choose the right cloud solution for your organisation?

Some business leaders worry about the cost associated with new technology and extra data storage. They wonder if it’s worth the trouble changing services or spending more on a virtual network connection. These are valid queries. But the truth is that the right cloud solution—one that’s supported by a high-performing network and data centre—will typically handle your data needs so efficiently and in such a cost-effective way, that you won’t need to question it.

Your top priority simply becomes matching a service to your specific needs. This means firstly knowing how your customers are connecting with your business each day and what you need to do to drive even better engagement. In other words, what will it take to hit the customer experience you’re striving for?

Connecting to success

Your customers are increasingly in control. They’re logging on, clicking through and interacting with your products and services in varied ways, most often across cloud networks from their mobile devices. It’s all happening at rapid-fire speeds, placing many older servers under strain. However, imagine having an IT system that’s nimble enough to process your data in real-time, so that you can not only stay on top of it, but stay ahead.

It’s this type of capability that has made cloud computing so appealing to enterprise business. The practical benefits speak for themselves. The cloud is highly flexible and isn’t locking you into cumbersome physical servers. It’s also far-reaching and able to connect your business across multiple locations. Further still, private cloud bandwidth means you can connect faster and with less downtime. This speedier access helps your staff better communicate and empowers your ICT team to get away from the nuts and bolts and get back to what they do best—innovating.

Finding what works

Your transition to the cloud doesn’t have to be an all or nothing proposition, though. The reason it works well across many industries is because it’s adaptable. For example, research from Gartner suggests that hybrid cloud solutions will only continue to grow, largely because many companies want to keep their legacy IT environments and physical servers. These businesses simply complement existing technologies with cloud services, setting up a balance that gives them security and flexibility to suit their daily tasks.

There’s also the pressing need to equip your business for the Internet of Things. It’s certainly a hot topic right now and knowing how computers and devices are communicating with each other marks yet another customer trend to think about. Again, keep it simple. With the right cloud service, you can streamline the way you view and manage data through a single point of control, making IoT a much easier proposition. All that information from all those devices can be more efficiently handled when you don’t have to think twice about your cloud connection or the infrastructure behind it.

Reach your goals

There’s no reason for your ICT team to start scrambling, however. They’re not alone in this. The decision to go to the cloud or improve your existing service is one for the whole business. Every type of enterprise faces similar data challenges, so the differentiator is going to be how your team comes together to pinpoint needs and form logical solutions for your specific products.

Let’s face it, the way customers interact with your business is going to constantly change—it’s a given. So, the situation calls for flexibility and adaptability. Ask yourself, what is it you’re hoping to achieve with your data? Then marry this up to the technology that can make it happen. Consider if you need the specialised services of an Amazon or IBM, for example, both of which partner with our Vocus Cloud. Or maybe you can foresee needing greater bandwidth as time goes on, a scenario we cater for as well.

It’s about establishing a set up that not only works for your business, but ensures you’re only paying for the solution as you need it.

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