The Best Telco, that everyone needs to know about

Posted on April 05, 2016

2016 Brand Campaign

Our hugely successful campaign has been all about letting Australian businesses know there is a new major business telecommunications alternative and we're here to shake up the market.

The campaign has been appearing across print, digital and outdoor and mirrors Vocus' maverick style through a series of creative executions around the theme that we're a telco that does things differently.

At Vocus we target smart businesses, like us, who are tired of the traditional telco experience. We believe in talking in straightforward terms, respecting our customers, improving our products, and always getting better.

You'll see the Vocus campaign popping up in a range of key digital and print media placements in The Australian, Australian Financial Review, Business Day, heaps of online digital and a number of outdoor digital billboards in and around Qantas gates and lounges.