5 smart reasons to get your small business in the cloud

Posted on June 01, 2018

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Small businesses are moving away from the traditional model of desktop computers and expensive software licences. You’re more likely to be working across your phone, a tablet and a laptop than spending all your working hours at a desk with your hard drive.

Getting into the cloud doesn't have to mean a big investment, but small businesses have a lot to gain from data and software being available online 24/7.

1. Keeping cashflow healthy

For over two million small business in Australia, cashflow can be a tricky thing to manage. You can give your financial management a boost with cloud-based accounting applications.

Traditional accounting software lives on the hard drive of your computer, so access is limited to one device (unless you pay for more licences) and one user. You take a risk every time you want to transfer data to another device, and may find manual data entry is still part of your day.

Cloud-based apps give your cashflow a boost by:

  • keeping you in touch with your accountant or bookkeeper—most cloud-based apps enable you to link them in for administrative access (under separate logins and passwords);
  • working on pay as you go models with a monthly payment (or a discounted annual subscription) rather than a large upfront investment in software; and
  • automatic updates to software and functionality, with no need to pay for a new version to keep pace with technology.

2. Integrating and thriving

If you shift your accounting into the cloud, you get access to a huge range of apps that can integrate with your financial software. Depending on your business, you can keep things running smoothly with plugins to keep track of your stock, online payments and point of sale transactions, payroll and document management.

Integration of a range of tools is simple in the cloud because all the applications are web based, and need an internet connection rather than unique software that may or may not be compatible.

3. Flexibility for scaling up or down

Working from the cloud means you can rely on the infrastructure and the expertise of third parties—your internet provider and your app providers.

You also have the flexibility to scale your IT needs up or down depending on business growth. Its quick and easy to upgrade your storage capacity in a cloud-based document management system, because you're accessing more storage within remote servers, not trying to manage an upgrade of your own servers (which you may not need in a few months). You might need to build bandwidth in busy seasons, and scale back later to a more cost-effective model.

4. Get mobile and get collaborating

Managing your business in the cloud means you can work anywhere you’ve got access to the internet, across devices. This is great for small business owners who want the flexibility of a truly mobile business, and it also enables you to offer flexibility to your employees.

The cloud opens up possibilities for collaboration and innovation, without the need to all be in the same room at the same time. You can work from master documents, track contributions and control access. Simple.

5. Staying secure

Data security is crucial to businesses of any size—particularly if you’re processing or storing your customer’s personal information and payment details.

Most small businesses don’t have the capital to invest in comprehensive backup, disaster recovery and cyber security options. Working in the cloud provides an alternative as your cloud provider and apps are likely to have much higher data security standards than you could implement on your own.

Web-based applications provide the security of password-protected data, even if your hardware is compromised. Lose your phone or your laptop? Log into your cloud apps from anywhere and wipe any data from your device, and have the peace of mind of knowing your data is stored in the cloud.

See the silver lining

The cloud has a lot to offer small businesses—from saving time and money to finding a work life balance for business owners and employees. Get set with a reliable, fast internet connection and the sky's the limit.

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